Tailor Made Learning Services

Our tailor made learning services are provided as an end-to-end solution that incorporates all of our learning solutions. Learn By Design offers the complete service based on the traditional ADDIE model, that being analyse, design, develop, implement and evaluate. Effectively, this solution aligns us as a training partner to our clients as opposed to a one-off service provider.

Your Challenge

Your business requires a bespoke training intervention designed around your organisation’s unique goals and needs. Perhaps you require an onboarding & induction programme for your new hires, but you have never required one before so you simply have not developed one yet? It could be that you need operations training to streamline business processes or product training in order to improve technical performance, but you don’t have the internal resources to manage this process for you. It could simply be soft skills training that is required…. Perhaps your customer facing employees need a refresher in customer service training, or to brush up on their sales training. Whatever your training requirements may be, Learn By Design is able to partner with you in effectively addressing your training needs.

Our Solution – Hybrid Learning Programmes

Hybrid Learning Programmes incorporate the best of blended learning principles, so training consists of both virtual and face-2-face facilitation methods. This type of learning is ideal for training groups of learners at one time and is recommended for technical content where practical application and evaluation is required (i.e. Operations Training and Product Training).

Benefits of our service

Covers all learning types

Caters to all learning styles through a variety of mediums and techniques.


Provides ultimate flexibility in presenting content. Complex topics can be presented in the classroom, while other subject matter can be made available online.


Encourages collaboration and group participation

Our Solution – Virtual Learning Environments (VLE’s)

E-Learning solutions comprise of online modules delivered via a digital learning platform and is ideal for independent distance learning across multiple locations / sites. This form of learning is highly recommended for creating and communicating policies, concepts and ideas (i.e. Soft Skills Training; Customer Service Training, Sales Training and Onboarding & Induction).

Benefits of our service

Reduced costs

Associated with off-site training, i.e. travel, accommodation, venue hire, time away from desk.

Independent Learning

Learners define their own pace of learning and lectures can be taken any number of times.


Quick delivery of lessons reduces time required to learn by up to 60% compared to that of traditional classroom methods.


Ideal for standardising operations across multiple office locations and conflicting time zones.

Our Solution

Onboarding & Induction

Compliance Training

Operations Training

Customer Service & Sales Training

Role-specific Training

Product Training

Soft Skills Training

Micro-learning and Reinforcement Training

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