Rosebank College (AdvTech Group)

Onboarding in the Education Sector


The client required assistance in reviewing and amending the content, structure and delivery of the existing onboarding and orientation programme for their lecturers. The solution developed included research and revision of their existing content to incorporate new learning and teaching methodologies and was deployed as a full online training solution that included the design and development of eLearning tools, animations, visual aids and digital assessments.


The development of a virtual onboarding programme enabled the client to onboard new lecturers at any given time of the year and the training could be completed online before commencement of their employment at the organisation. This drastically reduced the time and costs associated with that of the traditional classroom led onboarding programmes, reducing turnaround time to completion, whilst improving adoption of the institutes ethos, and values with regards to education, and enhancing their lecturers understanding of the institute’s student base and best practice methods for teaching professionals.

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