Skills Training in Advanced Driving and Road Safety Sector


The client required the design and development of a self-paced, driver training course intended to be delivered online. The programme itself required interactive elements, not only to engage learners with the content, but to ensure effective retention of the principles and skills being trained. The programme included visual tools, interactive elements as well as knowledge checks and a graded assessment tool. MasterDrive not only required the development of the training programme, but the setup of a Virtual Learning Environment. Learn By Design developed a bespoke Moodle LMS from which all digital learning content is now deployed, with tracking and reporting capabilities.


The client now has a fully functioning and affordable platform for the deployment of all digital learning assets. They are now able to service their clients’ remote learning needs and are in the process of converting all of their training programmes into a digital learning format. This process facilitates rapid scalability and a significant reduction in costs associated with traditional face-to-face training methods.

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