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A work force that is educated to apply their knowledge and skillset effectively are better empowered to make the right decisions, decisions that drastically impact your bottom line. High performance cultures are born of environments that promote the spirit of continuous personal and professional development, most often enabled through effective training initiatives.


Learning on the go, wherever you are! Digital learning solutions enable learners to access course information at any time, from any location. Learning flexibility facilitates positive learning experiences more likely to be effective in the transferral of knowledge and skills.


By combining the very best technology and learning methodologies our learning solutions are guaranteed to facilitate increased user engagement, resulting in better retention of knowledge content. Hermann Ebbinghaus’ “The Forgetting Curve” examines the effect of time on memory, stipulating that most knowledge obtained is almost completely lost within 30 days if it is not adequately applied. Learn By Design makes use of contemporary learning methods and tools to ensure that learners effectively engage with the content, thereby ensuring long term retention of skills.


Empowered staff leads to improved performance – FACT! Investing in the growth of your workforce is critical in this day and age. Providing your staff with opportunities to uplift and further develop their critical skills results in improved accuracy, increased efficiency and enhanced innovation. Stimulate your staff – stimulate your growth!


The benefits of online learning is that it can be standardised and deployed across multiple locations and conflicting time zones. The quick delivery of lessons reduces time required to learn by up to 60% compared to that of traditional classroom methods.


Reducing the costs associated with traditional training methods has become far more achievable through the inception of online training solutions. Training material can be developed, updated and distributed across multiple locations at the fraction of the cost of printed training materials. Off-the-shelf or tailor made solutions can be fully customised, saving your trainers hundreds of hours of preparation and ensuring a polished impression.

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